Estate Planning

Everyone owns assets and unfortunately everyone dies, but not everyone plans for these events properly.  When you die, what happens to your assets?  Who raises your children?  Will estate taxes affect your assets?  A proper plan can answer these questions and other important issues. Contrary to popular belief, estate planning is not only for the wealthy, it affects all of us.

Real Life Stories

Ms. Jane Doe lives in Scranton, Pennsylvania and is a widow and has three adult daughters. Read about how an Estate Plan could have helped Jane and her family. View Story

It is an accustomed belief to monitor our health with periodic medical check-ups, but have you ever considered for a moment that an examination of your legal affairs can be just as critical especially from an estate planning perspective.  Tellie & Coleman offers expertise in estate planning matters from simple will preparation to complicated trusts, asset transfers, and business planning.  At Tellie & Coleman, we serve many clients located in Northeastern Pennsylvania, near and around the Scranton area. 

Estate planning is aimed to help families preserve their assets for future generations, minimize taxes, and avoid any misunderstandings.  It is a privilege and responsibility of all Americans to control and direct your legacy.  There are many tools used to achieve these results; for example, wills, trusts, charities, gifts, entity agreements, business succession planning, and retirement planning.

Other important aspects of estate planning are designation of agents to: make health and financial decisions on your behalf in the event you are incapacitated; and continue or withdraw life sustaining treatments.  Estate planning may also include adoption, same sex relationships and animal planning.

Highlights of estate planning where we focus our practice: