Elder Law

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An unmarried son resides with a parent and provides care that has kept parent from entering an assisted care living facility for over two years. The parent now must enter the assisted care facility. View Story

This area of law has become increasingly complex during a time when life should be simplified.  Seniors are more active and live longer than ever before. They have a new set of legal concerns that have rarely been faced by earlier generations. Older people have always needed Wills and Estate Planning to pass their assets to their beneficiaries. Now that they are living longer, issues about their future care should be included in Estate Planning.  One of the most important questions is how to provide long-term housing, with increasing levels of care, as the senior’s age. This, in turn, gives rise to legal questions about care arrangements and senior’s rights. As continuing care becomes more and more expensive, seniors are also in need of information about long-term care insurance and government benefits.